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Guthrie CSD & King County Consolidated Library

Video Policy



Revised 06-20

FOUR videos per family for ONE week.

In order to enjoy the privilege of borrowing videos from the Ward County Library, I agree :

1.      To be sure my video player is in good working condition before using.

2.      That, if the video breaks, I will NOT try to repair in any manner and will notify the library about any trouble that occurred while a video was in my possession.

3.      To pay for any damage to the video while the video is in my possession at the following rates : cost for damage – price of video.

4.     To return the video promptly at the end of the loan period or pay .35 cents per video per day until returned.

5.      That neither the library or its employees are liable for any damage to my video player caused by the videos.

I also understand that these videos are for HOME USE ONLY and any public performances of these videos will be violations of the copyright law for which I, not the library, will be fully responsible.

I also understand that federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of these videos.

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DATE :  _____________________________________

ADDRESS :  _________________________________

PHONE NUMBER :  ___________________________