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Guthrie CSD & King County Consolidated Library

Library Services

Everything we do for you, inside the library or out

Materials offered by Guthrie CSD & King Library :

Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction Books 

Junior Fiction and Non-Fiction Books 

Easy Fiction and Non-Fiction Books 

Audio Cassettes

Audio CD's 



Reference Section 



Services offered by Guthrie CSD & King County Library :


Copy Machine (Black and White Copies) 

FAX (Incoming and Outgoing) 

Cost Per Service :

Internet Black & White Copy - .15 cents a page 

Internet Color Copy - .25 cents a page 

Copy Machine (Black & White) - .15 cents a page 

FAX (Incoming and Outgoing) - .35 cents a page 

We are glad to help you with any question you have while visiting the library.

All materials and services are subject to any and all rules and regulations of the library.